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~Livin' dis life ☹~ 11/19-06 6:58 p.m.

Nice life? I don't know u, so I can't say I dislike u. But I know that if I find u, dis is what I might do: feel so happy that I cry, feel like I'm in heaven, just might fly… feel like I'm going on a joyride. Sometimes I stop and think what does it take? Should I just keep on living life Or should I take it away… and die? But if I do then I'll never know, I'll never love myself or learn… I'll never grow. Sometimes I dream about living good, can't get there I can only imagine. I get so hyped over my dreams, and scream out: WHEN WILL IT HAPPEN?! Then I wake up from my dream and start shedding tears. I say, all these years and nothing's changed, everyday I wake up it's the same ol' thing. Doing good deeds, nothing good comes to me. But "ask and you shall receive" … that's supposed to solve everything. I know sometimes I dislike dis life, but what can I do but wait and see what my years ahead are like?

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