We've all heard of Paid Time Off... But what about; Period Time off?

THIS. IS. GREAT. NEWS! British company, Coexist, allows its female employees to take PTO; Period Time Off [referenced from marieclaire.com]. I read this article (http://www.marieclaire.com/career-advice/news/a19002/menstrual-leave/) and became OVERJOYED with excitement that was menstrual related, for the first time... EVER 😐. Though I may never be lucky to enjoy such indulges as; being able to take a temporary leave from work, for up to a week, EVERY MONTH, I still feel happy for the women who may. I also draw greater excitement knowing that, maybe one day, I too can take advantage of such a NEEDED OPPORTUNITY! Unbeknownst to the majority of people, I suffer EVERY SINGLE MONTH, due to EXTREME menstrual cramps. I have to take off from work, and living, just to overcome a 7 day (unfortunate) "normality". I'm in bed for up to 3 days, every month, with no way out. I can cramp the entire week, or worse... Sometimes my cramps can exceed a surprising 2 weeks, by cramping LONG before it's arrival, Then of course; once it finally arrives! People don't understand that I have to slow down and take a lot of things easy leading up to menstruation, and once it's here, oh just forget about it! I ESPECIALLY hate the times when I have to pass up on certain things... just to be sure that I don't mess around and make it come sooner. Because sometimes, I may have things to do, which I have to be SURE about it holding off for as long as it can! That way, it couldn't possibly jeopardize whatever it is, that I need to get done; E.g.: interview, photo shoot, etc. And YES, that includes skipping out on the gym as well 😔 ... That of which, I HATE! Anyhow, after reading the article (and cheering with excitement as well 😂), I did some research and discovered (from refinery29.com) that: Taiwan, South Korea, and Indonesia ALSO carry out the "period policy". Japan has followed a similar policy since 1947 as well! So, to that I say; today, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, and Japan. Tomorrow America. PLEASE! Well if it is already here in America.. #babywontyoucomemyway?! Upon further researching this policy, I also searched hamiltonhouse.org (hosted by Coexist) to answer a personal question of mine... – Are y'all hiring, or nah?

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