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I'm officially locked out of Facebook, because....

I can remember back in early February, trying to find the best way to use my time, while also communicating with the outside world during my 15 minute break. Logically, any individual would turn to social media... if you'd already checked your texts first. But let's face it, my phone is always dry enough to strike a match on, so I logged onto Facebook. It was then that I saw the intriguing words "Please provide identification that displays the name you'd like to confirm and use publicly on Facebook. Keep in mind that if you confirm a name other than the one currently on your profile, the name on your profile may be automatically updated with the name you confirm.​"


Needless to say, I have to "submit my documents" before I'm able to login again. Until it happened to me, I'd NEVER known that such a thing existed! However, after telling my story, I'd discovered that many people had faced this problem as well! Most of them being the "conscious" "rebel" or as some [obviously uneducated on the subject] would say; the "conspiracy theorists". Me? I pretty much fit the part haha, but not to the extreme! And the funny thing is that I hadn't even been on Facebook much at the time, I actually always took "breaks" when using Facebook. I was never really the type to be on it much, from time to time I would, but I mostly just posted when I wanted/needed to. What's even crazier is that, I was getting ready to deactivate it soon, therefore it couldn't have been anything that I posted! The fact being that, I'd barely even been on the site! Therefore; what was the reason why I was closed out? I think Facebook is going around doing randoms! It's true that I don't have my real name on there, but I'll NEVER put my real name online! Most people don't even know more than my middle name, which I go by. I also never plan to upload a picture of my I.D. for the sake of social media verification, no thanks. That being said, I chucked it up & kept it moving! Oh, check this out; they actually gave me the option to wait 7 days, or to be closed out right then & there. I said fuck it, you can keep this shit, and left it for good at that very moment! I still can't fathom what the reason on my personal attack might've been. Meanwhile a friend of my mother's, who's battling for legal custody over her deceased son's body, had encountered a rather disturbing situation on Facebook. As the story goes; my mother's friend, Jane* at a certain point didn't have custody of her son Robert* .. Robert's foster mom (who is NOTHING like a mom to Robert*, but we'll leave those details out) has created a page impersonating Robert*, posting as him and everything! So Ironically, a woman can pose as a deceased person, whom she no longer has any attachments to whatsoever (and hasn't since he turned 18 & keep in mind that he passed away at about 25 or so). However, Facebook makes it mandatory for folks that are minding their business to "submit documents" of their identification? Oh, the irony. Something's definitely weird about that!


It's been nearly 6 months since I've used Facebook. I decided to test the waters one day. The other day I get on and FINALLY decide to submit some documentation. What image did I send? Just a low-lit head shot, with my blossoming loc fro taking up 1/4 of the picture, my middle finger over one side of my face, and my illuminati eye peaking from the other side.

The very next day or 2, I posted on a different site, and decided that I may as well share it on Facebook too and what do you know? Just like that I'm already locked back out! This time around, I can't get in at all until my documents are "verified".

July 28

Like I said before; FUCK IT! You can keep this shit! I'm not posting my real name, or uploading any type of I.D. ... just for social media?! Fuck no, I'll take my posts elsewhere!!

What do you guys think? Have you, or anyone that you know experienced this?

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