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Every ride is like a trip to paradise. Such a feeling that I can't even clarify... A one in a million type of enterprise. I tend to lose energy and energize. Even the thoughts shouldn't be jeopardized, I never cease to mesmerize... Angelic volcano eruptions, ecstatic bodily seductions, with no need for instructions. I awoke to being provoked by a feeling of coke in every stroke. —Zenithal intriguing pokes, giving me what I needed the most. Divine intertwines, sublime morning times and nights fulfilled by a; mental, spiritual, and physical connection with mine. Lust infused with trust, passion in every touch... Continuum celestial bodily synergy that revives with every bust. I speak a body language that only he can translate, he gives me all his time making all his plans wait. Every elate state that we make deserves a double take. No other feeling can relate to what we create below the waist.

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