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No more spontaneity?!? 😱😨😱 #JMO (4th Post) 5/11-2014

Sometimes guys can be so stupid, wait… not just sometimes…How can anyone.. ANYONE??! Say that “going out is boring” but will write statuses about going out, “who wants to go to the club with me” etc.? Or that they’ve gone out SO MUCH in the past that it’s just plain boring these days? Sex is ALSO something that they’ve done SO MUCH in the past… but they just can’t seem to get enough of that one… HMMM. TELL ME; how does one expect to be the ONLY one in someone’s life if they can’t even do a simple task like going out with that person? It’s not that hard. You know, a lot of relationships tend to go down the drain nowadays SIMPLY because there’s no spontaneity! Sadly, but surely, a lot of people INSTINCTIVELY cheat on their partners… JUST to do what they COULD HAVE DONE WITH them—- WITHOUT em! (Sad face.) What do you think it is? Cold feet? Maybe a person thinks: “Dammit, I’ve been in this relationship for SO LONG (most likely only about 3 months or so 🙊 ~giggles)… and I’m NOW scared of the thought of commitment…. so let me STEP OUT and see what I can do. Hmmm. NEXT comes the part where they attempt to recreate what they’ve ONCE had, in their (current) relationship o.O OR CREATE something that their relationship has NEVER EVEN accomplished…….. with someone ELSE. But, of course, if that person; happens to, thinks of, or even MENTIONS the consideration of going out with OTHER PEOPLE……. But is ALWAYS up against it when comes to you… then it’s OBVIOUSLY something else. But WHAT? Hmmm. This is ALSO coming from the SAME person who CONSTANTLY talks about how boring girls can be, “I’m looking for the fun girls who are willing to surf, etc.” … ETC. !!! But INSTANTLY becomes this BORING man when he’s around YOU……………………. Catching my drift yet>? (⬅ Yes, I meant to do that.) Why is that person AFRAID to be “themselves” around you… or to simply just have fun in your company? W H A T I S I T? #WhatDoYouThinkItIs? Hmmm… I just think that I’ll never figure out the male gender, I’m not even worried about it. ✌ -JMO.

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