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Image: Speed Light.

I’ve realized that nostalgia is bittersweet.

It can really be triggered by anything— all the things you used to watch, or the foods you used to eat.. all the fun that kept you so preoccupied— you never felt the summer’s heat. Or maybe it’s the thought of fast forwarding your blockbuster rentals until the movie started, then rewinding it in the end so you’ll return it how you got it. Or remember when you got your first cut? How it didn’t even hurt until you began to see blood? But it mostly hits you through music— it works wonders through song. Like the ones you’ll always remember, ‘cause you repeated them all day long. It could’ve even been the one that you skipped on a cd, because you hated it... but you probably play it now, because you love it.. because suddenly all these good times come back to mind, by simply thinking of it. Ahh, nostalgic moments, sounds so sweet.... ‘til it gets bitter, then everything hits you and you see the bigger picture.. all those shows have now ended, and they don’t air ‘em anymore... Those foods that you loved so much are no longer in stores—

All those days you lazed around are never coming back—

but during that time– you never thought it’d be your prime. Those boring days are now golden... but of course we didn’t know then.

We didn’t realize that the vhs rental we watched would be our last, because blockbuster is now just a thing of the past— who knew they’d no longer be around for our children?

And that song that you skipped became a number one hit, it’s legendary now.. but in that moment you didn’t know it, and now you wish you would’ve noticed...

Nostalgia comes in various ways, for me it was commercials... revisiting them made me realize that when I watched them back then, I was witnessing what’d later represent some of my greatest times spent.

I had no clue that, those commercials would never air again, or that the people I watched them with would eventually move away—I was just enjoying tv

-and as my eyes my became like a cloudy day

-I noticed nostalgia was bittersweet.

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