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Multitalented, though mostly passionate about writing and photography, amongst many other genres. Sees art in everything. I have an A.A. in Photography & LOVES freelance! I don't necessarily have anything more preferable to shoot, because I'll shoot anything. I am however really drawn to event photography, mostly concerts.. it's the lights. I also enjoy shooting any and everything in nature! As for writing, I'm more into poetry and writing things (blogging) from my perspective, hence JMO (just my opinion). My goal in life is to be able to utilize my skills and creativity become an entrepreneur. I've always dreamt of being my own boss, at a company that grants myself as well as others, the opportunity to freelance and report stories and give feedback from our own perspective. If I'm incpable of achieving my goal, or even in the meantime, then... hopefully I can get into Buzzfeed haha! Whenever I'm not blogging & editing my life away as a youtube personality, videographer or shooting souls, you can catch me; working out, enjoying food, watching anime, or spending time with my dog, Kawaii :)

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