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I think it's best to go left, you think it's bright to go right. It always ends with a fight. We can't agree for one night! Why are our battles perpetuating, continually disseminating? If there's no room for improvement, how bout we stop participating in creating hyperventilation? We need a better conversation.. Let's kill the detonating. We need more elevating, and less deprecating. Because all of this conflict's becoming devastating. How bout with no hesitation, we begin improvisation. We can start with meditation and be our own medication. Let's take a flight to higher heights, and finalize with perfect landing. Let's become less demanding, with one on one understanding. Instead of threatening to leave, let us extend on our stay. Before sleeping in separate beds, let's make up where we lay. And at the end of the day, we will kneel down and pray — that any attempt to separate us, won't succeed in our way! Let's make love and create love, to cease all the hate. Can we revisit the days when were truly soul mates? Remember, there was no hate and no relentless debates! We must break the chain and refrain from entertaining disdain. And regain to obtain love that can only sustain. By ending all reprimanding.. We gotta stop making one another feel like we stand under the other – with a better understanding.

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