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So, here's what happens when you visit an old, abandoned bus...

I've finally built up the guts to peep the nearby abandoned bus. My sister and I had always talked about breaking and entering the gargantuan vehicle, but then we'd have flashbacks of first season Teen Wolf episodes... long story, don't judge us. In addition the bus was once locked (hence breaking & entering), but at some point the glass doors had become broken, giving us easy access to an adventure! I've recently discovered that the bus is apparently property of what was once Schroder (did I spell that right?) Junior High, of Kennedy Heights, Cincinnati, OH. I'm clueless as to what's become of the once functioning Junior high, all I'm aware of is that it's been moved, and has since been up and running at it's present location. I've always been the type to ponder on shut-down buildings/extinct businesses, and somewhat saddened at the thought. Since I was a child I'd look at a closed down building or business, and feel slightly unhappy at the thought of enterprises down falling as well as profits, hope, dreams, and memories being lost. I don't know why or HOW a 6 year old could even think so far and deep beyond her years, and maybe it was just me. However, even up until this day I still feel the same when coming across deserted buildings. Fortunately for this one, to my knowledge, it's still in good service at another location. Well, join us on a journey through an isolated, dust filled, shattered, eerie, very humid, dark, malodorous school bus. By the way, I wanted to keep the images as raw as possible for this shoot. Every picture uses natural lighting and remains untouched!

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