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~You~ 1/3-07

You're always running through my mind, I think about all the time. From daylite, 2 nite damn I just want U to be mine. When I call U I get butterflies & when U call me I blush, I feel so nervous talking to U & sometimes I just hush. I wanna tell U how I feel but can't seem 2 succeed, you're nice & u keep it real, that's basically all I need. We've been friends 4 so long, and I don't want my feelings to interrupt, but I can't help how I feel, I just can't ignore this crush. I'm so caught up N love, even though our friendship is cool & true, but I just wanna be more to U. I'm addicted 2 everything about you: Ya eyez (no lie!) Ya voice I adore.. ya smile, ya style, and so much more! I'm feeling u so much, I just want u 2 understand. We're meant 4 each other, take my hand, be my man, let's loves one another 'Til the end. Yeah it's true, that's how I feel about u… But I just can't explain how much love I wish for us to gain….. Maybe it'll happen one day!

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