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~So Divine!~

I thought I had moved on, But i realized that I didn't. When I'd believed that my feelings were missing, they were there and never left, they had only been hidden. And I was so unaware that my feelings were even there. Through all my anger, all along, deep down, I was scared! When I thought HE could be replaced, no one else could compare ----- I didn't REmember moments 'til I RElived the moments of our PRElived condolence. Now we're on top of our love and only WE WILL control us... and NOTHING can hold us! It took gradual time for us to conquer the climb, now I'm his and he's mine, and our love's intertwined. .. But why... must we be dependent on time? Could we not have accomplished this during our first try? Did we really need space, or was it factors of you and I? I guess love takes more than one try, at times... Thank god it's only taken me twice, and I don't have to search or find.. Because the love I've re-accomplished is so divine!

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