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~Reality~ 10:09 p.m. 11/27-06

I feel that that people don't do things intentionally, they do them unknowingly. Well, most of the time. Sometimes I do wrong, but want right to come back, hoping someone would cut some slack, but it doesn't work like dat! Everyone deserves good, but that doesn't mean 2 do wrong because you could, and 2 prove that it doesn't matter, kuz in the end you'll receive goods. So when it all falls down 2 da truth: people do good AND people do bad, but people don't always see the good, because they're always looking at the "bad". They think that I don't notice the cruelty, but deep down inside, they know they're feeling guilty (& so do I !) But I don't care at the moment, kuz it just doesn't matter to me. But I mean, after all, I guess I just SHOULDN'T care, kuz it'll always be there & I have to face it… kuz that's just my reality.

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