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~Let me out~ 11/18-06

Yo, let me, let me out, I don't wanna live like dis. Come relieve me from this unnecessary pain that I'm in. Let me out so I can finally fly like da birds, let me out to write my lyrics of positive words. Let me out, I can't take dis any longer, though I know I was taught that pain will only make you stronger. But this is not just pain, this is suffering and torture. So let me out, let me out to be free, a new world is all I ask 2 see, let me out and LEAVE ME BE! Open da latch and what'll you see? Don't be scared go ahead and open it, it's only me. I want no trouble with you, it's only me, no crew. No hurt caused to u, that's true without a doubt. Don't want nothing else, don't need nothing else, all I want 4 u to do is open da latch, and LET ME OUT!

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